Defence & Space


The Defence and Space Industries present unique challenges in terms of their required infrastructure in often remote locations. One of the biggest challenges, particularly for new site developments, is ensuring sufficient independent water supply and wastewater/sewage treatment without the availability of established supply/disposal infrastructure.

AKS Industries provides proven water management and treatment systems for new sites, or for facilities upgrade projects in remote locations. We offers a diverse range of technologies to provide sustainable levels of treated potable water as well as stand-alone packaged sewage treatment plants, providing a specified level of water quality for reuse purposes.

As an experienced local manufacturer of water system for remote site applications we are well accustom to the unique and often extreme environmental condition experienced within the Defence and Space Industries. So our expert project planners and engineers have the knowledge to provide you with the necessary advice on how best to achieve your project specific outcomes in the most cost effective and environmentally friendly manner.

You’ll find our products installed on industry specific sites across Australia, including our extensively specified Elementz containerised sewage and water treatment plants, our Escava DAF and clarifier systems, along with our Enforcer and Torpedo storage tank systems.

With extensive proven experience across the industry you can be confident that AKS can deliver and support you into the future.

  • Elementz – Water & Sewage treatment plants
  • ChemEase – Remote location safety shower systems 
  • Clearmaster – Washbay treatment systems 
  • Activait – Monitoring and chemical dosing 
  • Dominator – Fire engines, pumps, pump systems and tanks
  • Torpedo – Below ground tanks 
  • Ultima – Submersible pumps and  pump stations



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