Ultima Temporary Sewage Pump Station Above Ground

Ultimate portable solution

Ultima Temporary Packaged Above Ground Sewage Pump Stations are automatic systems designed to handle sewage from building sites over the temporary period of construction. They incorporate quality Ultima Grinder Pumps within a compact and sturdy PVC chamber and are packaged with PVC pipework with valves, 10m float switch and sealed screw in access covers. With a very low profile design and with a minimal weight, these pump stations truly are compact, so they can be easily loaded and transported, even on the back of a Ute.


They are offered in single or dual pump configurations, with a high-level alarm panel provided with the single and a pump control panel with alarm and BMS output provided with the dual option.


The Ultima Above Ground Temporary Pump Station is proven as a tough and reliable solution for building site use featuring:

  • Compact, light weight design.
  • Made from chemical and impact resistant quality polyethylene.
Design package
  • Ultima grinder pumps
  • Packaged with pipework, 10m float switch and access cover
  • Fitted with high quality alarm panel or pump control panel with alarm and BMS output
  • Easy to connect with 240V, single phase, 10 Amp power supply
  • Provided fully assembled, no commissioning required.

The Ultima Grinder pumps at the heart of the system is mounted in the chamber and plumbed to a discharge connection with a disconnection union, PVC valve and with 50mm pipework. With a maximum flow of 2 l/sec and with head pressure up to 12m, this pump has more than enough power to handle the task on most sites. For larger sites, select the dual pump station option or install multiple pump stations to create sufficient capacity.

  • Grinder pump type
  • Max head 12m / Max flow 2 l/sec

Single Above Ground Sewage Pump Station:

  • Single automatic grinder pump
  • 750 x 550 x 750mm (LxWxH)   
  • High level alarm panel  

Dual Above Ground Sewage Pump Station:

  • 2 x grinder pumps
  • 1050 x 750 x 750mm (LxWxH)   
  • Dual pump control panel with alarm and BMS output

Manufactured from chemical and impact resistant polyethylene, the Ultima family of pump stations are built in accordance with Australian standards, and they have be proven over years of reliable service. AKS also carries ISO certification for 14001 Environmental Management and 45001 for OH&S Management.


These smart and compact pump stations are very easy to install, with the low-profile design enabling ‘close to the ground’ mounting of adjoining facilities. Alternatively, the pump station can be positioned in a shallow excavation to provide the necessary fall for ‘on the ground’ installation of adjoining facilities.


Due to their portable nature, maintenance on these pump stations can be undertaken offsite at your base of operation. Standard pump station cleaning and maintenance procedures apply with easy access via the top access cover. A Manual is supplied with your pump stations which includes information about cleaning and scheduled maintenance.

One of our most popular brands, Ultima products include a wide range of pumps and feature packed pump stations, available in a host of standard sizes. Used widely across the construction industry, Ultima products are specified by Hydraulic Consultants due to there tough durable nature and reliable performance. 

Ultima Pump Stations can also be custom sized up to a massive 4m wide or 10m depth, so you’ll always be able to get the perfect fit. Read more