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Significantly, our new Pure-Rain Smart Valve Diversion System uses high level BMS using BACnet, allowing remote monitoring and control over the system.]]>

The Pure-Rain Smart Valve Diversion System provides an exceptional easy to install, yet state-of-the-art solution, to manage rainwater tanks from over filling, they incorporate the follow features:

  • 1 x Pure-Rain Smart Valve incorporating actuator and wafer butterfly valve with quick plug connection and advanced BMS using BACnet.
  • 1 x 10m float level switch for mounting in storage tank with quick plug connection.
  • 1 x PVC Vanstone flange kit and (adapters to suit DWV pipe if required).

Pure-Rain Smart Valve Diversion System is available to suit a range of pip sizes:

  • DWV 100mm  / DWV 150mm  /  DWV 225mm  /  DWV 350mm
  • With minimal components and quick plug connections eliminate complexity and greatly reduces onsite install time.
  • Pure-Rain Smart Valve uses BACnet, allowing integration with centralised Building Management System and total remote monitoring and control via PC or Smart Device.
  • Quiet operation and minimal space required (no compressor required).
  • Automatic diversion to stormwater drainage on tank full or power failure.
  • No onsite commissioning required.

The Pure-Rain Smart Valve Diversion System can also be used in conjunction with a rain bucket first flush system. This ensures that the first flush of pollution generating rain activity is not harvested to your tank, removing the need for an alternative first flush collection system.

Manufactured in accordance to ISO9001 Manufacturing Standards, the Pure-Rain Smart Valve Diversion System and they have be proven over years of reliable service. AKS also carries ISO certification for 14001 Environmental Management and 45001 for OH&S Management.


The Pure-Rain Smart Valve is ultra easy to install and a product manual is provided with your system with clear easy to understand instruction for installation. Below is a basic guide, refer to the Manual for further information.

  1. Install the Smart Valve into the rainwater drain pipe below the stormwater discharge pipe.
  2. Install the Float Switch at the appropriate level within the rainwater storage tank.
  3. Plug in the Float Switch and power supply to the Smart Valve.
  4. Turn on Power and ensure the valve opens and closes in accordance with the Float Switch.
  5. Should a Rain Sensor or BMS be required, there are 2 additional simple steps. In this instance, refer to the Manual for further information.

Designed to require minimal maintenance, the Pure-Rain Smart Valve should be checked at the time of your scheduled tank maintenance. Maintenance instructions are included in the supplied Manual, all maintenance should be completed by a appropriately qualified technician.

If you opt for a Scheduled Maintenance Plan with AKS, we will manage your inspections and maintenance service requirements ensuring your asset remains in premium operating condition.

The Pure-Rain Brand offers a range of high pressure submersible multistage pumps along with modular rainwater reuse and filtration systems.

Pure-Rain also offers the Smart Valve Diversion System which monitors the water level within a basement rainwater harvesting tank and shuts off the inlet when the tanks are full.

Ideally suited for use in both commercial and domestic re-use applications, Pure-Rain Brand systems are available in a number of different configurations. Read more