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Twin Torpedo Tanks for luxury apartment development

17 Spring Street is a 33 level, luxury apartment development, currently under construction in Melbourne, directly opposite Fitzroy Gardens. In keeping with the quality and tone of this fantastic development, every effort has been made to include high quality services, including substantial onsite water storage.

AKS have provided two 19,000 litre below ground Torpedo Tanks for this onsite detention. Torpedo Tanks have become synonymous in the industry for quality and reliability, which are crucial characteristics for tanks used below ground or for sub-basement applications.

Easy to install because they are incredibly lightweight, yet robust enough to be installed in even trafficable areas, Torpedo Tanks can also be used for chemicals due to their fibreglass construction and 50 year plus design life.

...where longevity of service is required, Torpedo Tanks make a convincing case for being the most practical solution available on the market...

Water Security at Victoria Police HQ https://www.aksindustries.com.au/water-security-at-victoria-police-hq/ Thu, 23 Sep 2021 18:17:00 +0000 https://aks.macrolinktech.com/?p=4708
Hydraulic Services for new high-tech Victoria Police HQ

The new high-tech Victoria Police HQ in Melbourne’s CBD will be the nucleus for public security in the state. Due to our previous experience in delivering similar critical government projects, AKS Industries was the chosen partner to provide a range of water treatment and management systems.

This included a state-of-the-art Greywater and Rainwater Filtration Plant and Valve Control System to produce Class A water, maximising water reuse within the development. With a capacity of 40 Kl/day the Greywater Treatment System is fully automated and equipment with advanced monitoring to allow easy control.

In addition, AKS provided a rooftop Helipad Spill Separation and Containment System, as well as a Potable and Reuse Water Pump System.

...our expertise across a range of specialist Hydraulic and Water Treatment Services made us the ideal partner for this project.

When size really does matter! https://www.aksindustries.com.au/when-size-really-does-matter/ Tue, 14 Sep 2021 06:56:07 +0000 https://aks.macrolinktech.com/?p=5860
AFFF First Flush Capture Tank System for RAAF Sale, using massive Torpedo tank

Possibly the largest single piece underground tank ever manufactured in Australia, transporting it proved a logistical challenge for the team at AKS Industries. The project was designed with very large concrete tanks that were to be case in situ. Only metres from the taxiway and too large to be transported by road gave this project additional challenges. AKS chose the Torpedo tank for its 490,000 Litre capacity, the enormous tank is single piece fiberglass, 24 ton, 4.95m diatmeter x 24m long. 

AKS chose the Torpedo tank for its 490,000 Litre capacity, the enormous tank is single piece fiberglass, 24 ton, 4.95m diatmeter x 24m long. Unable to be transported by road from AKS Industries’ factory in Geelong to Sale, so it needed to be transported by water. Transported during the night, to avoid traffic congestion the water tank was then lowered by crane on to a barge and shipped along the bass strait from Geelong to the port in Bass Strait.

The tank was then transported by truck from South Gippsland to the RAAF site, with AKS co-ordinating 15 sets of power lines to be raised to allow the tank to pass. It was then able to be lowered onto the RAAF site in one piece, demonstrating why this one piece fiberglass tank is favoured by our clients. One piece construction makes it far easier to install and trafficable. It was an exciting moment for the AKS team to see such a challenging job completed successfully. Learn more about the Torpedo water storage tank


... AKS proved once again it was up to the challenge, both in manufacturing such a massive single piece tank, and then overcoming the logistical complexities of delivering to site...

Rising to the groundwater challenge https://www.aksindustries.com.au/taking-up-the-groundwater-seepage-challange/ Mon, 06 Sep 2021 23:34:59 +0000 https://aks.macrolinktech.com/?p=4787
Willing and able to rise to the groundwater treatment challenge

Dealing with groundwater seepage into basements, particularly for major construction projects with multi-level basements and high water tables, can be challenging. AKS takes all the hassle away with a range of Groundwater Plants available under the Elementz brand engineered by MBR Tech, our specialist water treatment design group.  

In this newly completed example for a commercial project in Melbourne, our Elementz RO GWP with capacity to treat 40,000L of groundwater per day was successfully installed. This skid mounted packaged plant consists of media pre-filtration stage, followed by RO with Antiscalant and SMBS dosing. The skid frame is cleverly designed in two ‘easy to manage’ sections, allowing double door access for ease of installation in basement locations. 

... due to our considerable experience with these type of projects, AKS was able to design, construct, factory wet tested and delivered the completed plant to site in under 6 weeks.