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AFFF First Flush Capture Tank System for RAAF Sale, using massive Torpedo tank

Possibly the largest single piece underground tank ever manufactured in Australia, transporting it proved a logistical challenge for the team at AKS Industries. The project was designed with very large concrete tanks that were to be case in situ. Only metres from the taxiway and too large to be transported by road gave this project additional challenges. AKS chose the Torpedo tank for its 490,000 Litre capacity, the enormous tank is single piece fiberglass, 24 ton, 4.95m diatmeter x 24m long. 

AKS chose the Torpedo tank for its 490,000 Litre capacity, the enormous tank is single piece fiberglass, 24 ton, 4.95m diatmeter x 24m long. Unable to be transported by road from AKS Industries’ factory in Geelong to Sale, so it needed to be transported by water. Transported during the night, to avoid traffic congestion the water tank was then lowered by crane on to a barge and shipped along the bass strait from Geelong to the port in Bass Strait.

The tank was then transported by truck from South Gippsland to the RAAF site, with AKS co-ordinating 15 sets of power lines to be raised to allow the tank to pass. It was then able to be lowered onto the RAAF site in one piece, demonstrating why this one piece fiberglass tank is favoured by our clients. One piece construction makes it far easier to install and trafficable. It was an exciting moment for the AKS team to see such a challenging job completed successfully. Learn more about the Torpedo water storage tank


... AKS proved once again it was up to the challenge, both in manufacturing such a massive single piece tank, and then overcoming the logistical complexities of delivering to site...

Containerised Sewage Treatment Tue, 07 Sep 2021 01:35:57 +0000
When precision counts

We’ve installed a Elementz MemPAK containerised sewage treatment plant to a Queensland customer operating a remote location Service Station. Engineered by MBR Technologies, our specialist water treatment group, this plant produces 25kL/day of Class A recycled water for irrigation purposes.

This fully automated plant can be monitored and managed remotely using our inbuilt ACTIVAIT system using your smartphone or PC, or for onsite control via a large HMI Screen. Designed to Perform a maximum daily flow rate: 25m3 and a maximum hourly flow rate: 1200L.

This Elementz MemPak Package Incuded:

... we're one of the most highly experienced designers and manufacturers of containerised plants in Australia, providing a host of technologies for a range of industries...